Day Trips

The Best Way to Get Around Downtown

A no-horsepower pedicab ride is a slow, enjoyable and gas-free way to travel around Tallahassee’s Downtown. Matt Burke   A taxi-driver strike in New York City in December is hardly something to be happy about. However, every snow cloud has…

Head to the Coast for a Trip to the Past

If you’re a foodie, coffee connoisseur, memorabilia junkie or simply someone who enjoys sampling local flavors when traveling, the Carrabelle Junction may be just your kind of place. Located a half block north of coastal U.S. 98 on Tallahassee Street…

Monarch of the Spring

Spring is a magical time of rebirth in the woods. Plants and animals shake off the waning grasp of winter. Many mating rituals unfold in the animal world, including the wild turkeys.