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Be The Solution’s Tally Top Pet

Tallahassee Magazine is thrilled to be partnering once again with Be the Solution and North Florida Animal Hospital to bring you the 2023 Tally Top Pet contest. Still the fundraiser you know and love, this campaign encourages our community to donate to Be the Solution and their mission to provide spay and neuter services to our community.

After an exclusive photoshoot at North Florida Animal Hospital, the top 16 pets will face-off in a “March Madness”-style bracket voting contest beginning Dec. 16. A champion will be crowned in March of 2023, and the winning pet will grace the cover of the May/June 2023 issue of Tallahassee Magazine. All proceeds raised during the campaign’s entirety will benefit Be The Solution.

Thank you for Participating!

Our wonderful pet community came out in impressive fashion to support Tally Top Pet during the nominations phase. Because of you, Tally Top Pet 2023 has raised $5,909 in support of Be The Solution, and we still have the voting rounds left to go!

What Happens Next?

With nominations concluded, we will begin organizing the top 16 pets and reaching out to those parents to get everyone scheduled for the photoshoot at North Florida Animal Hospital on Thursday, October 27.

After the photoshoot, the voting rounds will begin with the first round of the top 16 pets on December 16 and will conclude December 22. This will be followed by the round of 8 from January 2–8, the “Final Fur” from February 22–March 2, and the grand finale with the final two pets March 3–10. Your votes will decide which pets advance in each round, and all voting will be hosted right here on this page. We can’t wait to have you here beginning December 16!

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to donate to Be The Solution. Although the nominations have ended, there is no true dollar amount that can be placed on the value of the service that Be The Solution is providing with free spay and neuter services to the immediate and surrounding communities. Now and throughout the rest of this year’s campaign, you can give a donation by clicking on the donation button below. Let’s continue to break those records and donate, and we will see you right here on December 16!

Some Things to Note 


This Contest is for All Pets! 

Don’t get us wrong, we love our wonderful dogs and cats. We do, however, want to let everyone know that Tally Top Pet is a contest meant to celebrate all pets, no matter the species, size or breed. We welcome everyone to submit their pets for the contest. Whether you’re the parent of an African grey parrot, a beautiful black horse, a feisty ferret or a slick iguana, we welcome all pets to take part in this annual celebration.

Make Sure Your Pets are Ready for Lights, Camera, Action!

Remember, the top 16 pets will be required to participate in an exclusive photoshoot at North Florida Animal Hospital. Therefore, before you submit your pet for the contest, it is important that you ensure that if your pet were to make it to bracket voting, they would be able to cooperate in a public setting for the purposes of producing great photos. The photoshoot will be in a designated indoor area with constant foot traffic and the presence of many people.

Click the buttons below to learn more about this campaign!

Learn More About the Causes Behind the Contest

Be the Solution is dedicated to preventing the cycle of suffering for unwanted pets living in shelters and on the street. Be The Solution works passionately to end pet overpopulation and euthanasia in our community by promoting and facilitating affordable spay and neuter surgeries.

North Florida Animal Hospital is committed to quality care that is consistent among the doctors and other dedicated employees so they may enhance the overall quality of your pet’s life. They look forward to many years of providing you and your pets the best veterinary care.

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