Thank you to the community for voting on Tally Top Pet! Voting on the Tally Top Pet has ended.

The Tally Top Pet will be revealed on the Tallahassee Magazine’s May/June issue. Stay tuned!

To learn more about these four pets, please find the feature in the Tallahassee Magazine March/April 2020 issues.

Put on your pet-lover hat or shirt, because we’re down to 4 contestants in the Tally Top Pet contest.

One of these cute and lovable dogs or cats will grace the cover of Tallahassee Magazine. That’s where you come in.

Check out the 4 matchups on this site. View the photos, read the pet descriptions and vote with your heart. Information came from the pets’ owners or caregivers, and we added an observation to each.

To establish the Top 16 for the event, sponsored by North Florida Animal Hospital, residents paid $1 per online vote for their favorite pet, based on online photo submissions. All proceeds benefited Be the Solution, which provides vouchers for free spaying and neutering in an effort to decrease homeless pet populations and animal suffering.

The contest no longer requires a $1-per-vote donation, which makes it a free-fur-all — with donations to Be the Solution encouraged and appreciated.

Then voting on March 4-11 will crown the Tally Top Pet, whose adorable face will grace the cover of Tallahassee Magazine’s May/June issue.

Read the rules and regulations here

Meet The Contestants

Learn More About the Causes Behind the Contest

Be the Solution is dedicated to preventing the cycle of suffering for unwanted pets living in shelters and on the street. Be The Solution works passionately to end pet overpopulation and euthanasia in our community by promoting and facilitating affordable spay and neuter surgeries.

North Florida Animal Hospital is committed to quality care that is consistent among the doctors, specialists and other dedicated employees so they may enhance the overall quality of your pet’s life. They look forward to many years of providing you and your pets the best veterinary care.