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Be the Solution’s Tally Top Pet

Tallahassee Magazine is thrilled to be partnering once again with Be the Solution and North Florida Animal Hospital to bring you the 2022 Tally Top Pet contest. Still the fundraiser you know and love, this campaign encourages our community to donate to Be the Solution and their mission to provide spay and neuter services to our community.

Our wonderful pet community came out in impressive fashion to support Tally Top Pet during the nominations phase. Because of you, Tally Top Pet 2022 has raised a whopping $15,874 in support of Be The Solution! That is $3,624 more than the total funds raised last year and $201 more than the total funds raised for the inaugural 2020 campaign!

Surfdog Fox 8599 Web

Say Hello to the 2022 Tally Top Pet!

Surf Dog

Again this year, furious balloting winnowed a large field of contestants in the 2022 Tally Top Pet competition, sponsored by North Florida Animal Hospital and benefiting Be The Solution. Here, we are honored and excited to present overall winner Surf Dog. Click here to read about how Surf Dog went from being a nomad from Crawfordville to Quincy, to Tally’s Top Pet.

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Learn More About the Causes Behind the Contest

Be the Solution is dedicated to preventing the cycle of suffering for unwanted pets living in shelters and on the street. Be The Solution works passionately to end pet overpopulation and euthanasia in our community by promoting and facilitating affordable spay and neuter surgeries.

North Florida Animal Hospital is committed to quality care that is consistent among the doctors, specialists and other dedicated employees so they may enhance the overall quality of your pet’s life. They look forward to many years of providing you and your pets the best veterinary care.

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