July-August 2016

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There’s No Place Like Home

Unabashed Tallahassee booster plays role in shaping city’s future.

Burning the Hard Way

Queen of the Quadrupeds

Rachel Williams brings design skills, love of animals to Humane Society.

The Drive for Student Preparedness

School supply drives equip students with tools they need to succeed.

Reaching New Heights

Rock-climbing gym helps enthusiasts strengthen grip on confidence.

Monkey, See?

Rhesus macaque monkeys are creating a stir in Franklin County.

Beacons That to Us Beckon

Gain a new perspective on the venerable old St. Marks Lighthouse.

Providing Care for Caregivers

Professor from FSU works to unite clergy with caregivers.

Archaeology Matters

Archaeological network promotes stewardship of historical resources.

Their Relationship is All In

Husband-and-wife team sweats things out together.

A Perennial Favorite

Lightweight and loose-fitting, they remain a summer staple.

Hell on Heels

Combating the effects of high heels can be a stretch

A Shorts Story

When opting for shorts, play by the rules.

Jane Marks Breaks the Rules

Jane Marks’ brand of glam doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

What’s In Store?

What’s new in shops around town? We keep track of developments.

Handcrafted from the Heart

Marianna creamery’s products go from cow to table.

An Oven for All Reasons

Dutch ovens never get old and they never wear out.


For 50 years, Georgio’s has been a palate pleaser.

The Movement is Brewing in Tallahassee

Sometimes, the best beer is the one you brew yourself.

The Florida Highwaymen

Uniquely Florida art was sold first from the trunks of cars.

Unseen Hands

Sound designers are keyboard players of a different sort.

Step Right Up

Work up the nerve to get your chops at an open mic night.

4 Must-Have Beach Reads

Here are pages worth turning beneath the high, blue skies of summer.

A Land of Green and Gold

You don’t have to wear a cheesehead, but it helps.

Florida Caverns State Park

When in Marianna, don’t touch the stalagmites

Life Lines

Profiles of workers who keep the juice flowing

Wild Cards

Poker pros make the most of the cards they’re dealt

Truly Native

Seminole Indians are truly native Floridians

The Tiny Life

Trend takes hold, a few hundred square feet at at time.

Here Comes the Sun

Solar panels save energy bucks in Sunshine State

In the Dog House

The toughest part about building a dog house may be selling Fido on the idea.

How to Build a Rain Garden

Rain gardens serve as mini-retention ponds.

A New Southern-Style Nostalgia

Kimberton Park

Luxurious Family Haven In Kimberton

Golden Eagle Dream Home Gone in a Flash

Living Large

Inside the Mind of Ron Sachs

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