September-October 2013

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How to Play When Your Loved One is Dealt the Cancer Card

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis

The Buzz- September/October

Who's who and what they're up to.

September/October 2013 Agenda

Moving, shaking in the business world.

Millennials Take a Look Back at Their Hometown

With film and a classic camera, photographer Cliff Englert takes retro-style black-and-white photographs of his hometown.

A Game Plan for Tailgate Success

Rally the troops for tailgate time!

Savor the Flavors of Rick Oppenheim’s Award-Winning Chili

Chef "Ricko" shares his chili recipe.

Wild Greens Serves Up Hearty Fare All Day Long

Hearty food without meat at Wild Greens.

A Review of Tallahassee’s Expanding Natural Food Selection

Now, even more natural food choices than ever.

10 Stats About Meals on Wheels

Stats on miles and meals for elders.

Tallahassee Health Care Experts Have Their Say

Where health care is now and where it is going, from the perspective of experts.

How to Talk to Speak Your Doctor's Language

As Medicine Has Changed, So Has the Career of Dr. Gary Winchester

Family doctor Gary Winchester encourages young people to consider careers in medicine beyond being a doctor.

The Red Hills Surgical Center Invites Students to Watch Medical Procedures Up Close and Personal

FSU med school students in the observation room have a front-row seat to operations at the Red Hills Surgical Center.

Behind the Scenes — Cover Shoot

The Flight that Saves Lives

The crew of Air Methods are saving lives.

Beech Mountain, North Carolina


It's Just Business

A Great ‘Oasis’ in Weems Plantation

Simply Elegant Southern Charm in SouthWood

The Story of Lichgate, Laura Jepsen and the Struggle to Continue Her Legacy

A different time and place at Lichgate.

Nonprofits Welcome the Help — Even When You Give a Few Hours a Month, Or Just One Day

Making a difference when time is short.

As ‘Over-Wintering’ Booms, More Manatees Are Calling Local Waters Home

Manatees are here to stay.

Smart Strategies to Teach Kids Money Management — Without Micromanaging

Teaching kids to manage money.

Jackie Robinson, Red Barber … and His Adopted Hometown

Jackie, Red and breaking the color barrier.

Renaissance Man of Tallahassee and a Regional Pioneer of Neurosurgery

Beauty created by a neurosurgeons hands.

Welcome to the Stick-On Relief Revolution

This tape makes muscles work better.

Pioneer History Meets Modern-Day Comforts in Fredericksburg

Charm and culture in Texas Hill Country.

Now is the Best Time to Examine Your Windstorm and Flood Insurance Coverage

Yes, You Can Grow Daffodils

Choosing the best bulbs for North Florida.

Warm Up Your Home with Pillows

Toss a pillow, change a room.

TuTu Trends Fall Finds

The warm colors of fall.

Martha Stubbs and Her Educational Foundation

Creating a new generation of beautiful music.

Cobblers Pass Along a Waning Skill Throughout 65 Years in Tallahassee

Passing on the cobbling trade.

Making Friends And Keeping Them Treasured

Making friends and making those friendships last a lifetime.

Could Tallahassee Hold the Key to the Future of Health Care?

Leaders of the region’s health care establishment look to the future — and tell us why Tallahassee may be where new models of medicine are created.

After a Bahamian Boating Accident, Long-Distance Medical Care Saves the Day

A boating accident left Kellie Kraft gravely injured. Quick-thinking friends and skilled doctors raced the clock to save her leg — and her life.

What a Difference 25 Miles Makes

Leon County ranked eighth healthiest in the state. Our neighbor to the west, Gadsden County, didn’t fare nearly as well, ranking 63rd out of 67.

The Changing Landscape of Health Care

What does a growing health care infrastructure mean for Tallahassee and the surrounding communities?