So Glad It Is Over

Being an eternal optimist, depression is not in my vocabulary, but the relentlessness of the 2012 election cycle stirred up a bit of anger.

The Other Holiday

We devoted a lot of real estate to the holiday that comes before the “real” holidays — Veteran’s Day. Much more than a day off, its a day of remembrance.

Taking the Pledge

This holiday season, I solemnly swear: To write a thoughtful, personal message on all my Christmas cards and mail them at least two weeks before Dec. 25. To avoid sending myself into turkey overload by taking a second — or…

Take Me Away … But Not Too Far

Throughout my childhood, my father was in the airline business, working his way up from a TWA ticket agent to a traveling salesman for Lufthansa to a sales manager for Japan Airlines. I’m not exactly sure how it worked, but…