November-December 2014

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2014 Best of Tallahassee

Announcing the Winner of the 2014 Tallahassee Magazine Cover Competition

He’s All Ears

Chief DeLeo reduces crime in Tallahassee.

The Last Resort

Officers learn special techniques to avoid use of force.

The 12 Days of Mason Jars

"Little Miss Mason Jar” Randi Shiver inspires us to make gifts, décor and even meals using these classic glass containers.

A Bar With a Twist

Market Square’s Sidecar Puts the ‘Gastro’ in the ‘Bar’

Old Town Equals Location

Christmas With 'Sparkle'

The Jansen house has nutcrackers galore — and so much more!

Cozy & Affordable Homes Reside in Lake Jackson

With All The Amenities in This House, it's No Surprise it Sold

Your Second Home Can Be This County Getaway

How to Ring in the New Year With the Kids

Celebrate new years eve with the kids.

Celebrating at the Corner of Birthday and Christmas

When your child has a holiday birthday.

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Home

Scent-sational ways to set the mood at home.

The Hottest New Leather Looks for Fall

New looks for leather.

Deck the Walls

Find holiday decorations in your yard.

Tastes of the Season

How to spice up your home for the holidays.

The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Doctors say these popular pick-me-ups can change the course of your health.

The Importance of E.D.I.T.H.

Does your family have an escape plan?

Tallahassee Never Stops Growing, See What's Being Built Now

Slip into Sandals

Take your dream vacation to the Bahamas.

November/December Agenda

Changes in the business world.

The Straight Man

How my letter way read on Letterman.

You Think You Know Everything About Investment Properties

Birds of a Different Feather

Clay pigeons fill the lulls of hunting season.

The Way We’ve Always Done It

Rosanne Dunkelberger' love/hate relationship with the holidays.

Oh, Goodies!

Beauty … in a box.

Seasonal Sounds

A Chat With Steve Wozniak

The man who helped shape the computer industry.

WWII From An Inside View

Take look from those who served.

The Buzz- November/December

We make a beeline for good times.

Photogenic Paintings

Dean Gioia’s “illuminating” new work.

The Birth of I-10 Was Not an Easy Ride

Camaro Turned Trans Am

This trio has resurrected the Trans Am.

Downtown Tallahassee Rocks New Year’s Eve

The Magical Root

Spicy, exotic and good-for-you ginger.