From The Publisher

Customers Bear Responsibilities, Too

If you will recall the past holiday season, there was an uproar from American consumers (fueled by the national media) that FedEx and UPS were the reason many families could not experience a Norman Rockwell-like Christmas Day, because their presents…

Evolve with the Times … or Become Extinct

In an average month I’m asked several times if I feel printed magazines are fading away … or are dead and don’t have the sense to lay down. Based on very firsthand experience, print magazine publishing in Northwest Florida is…

Mentoring is a Fine Art — and a Selfless Gift

Growing up, the first and most critical mentors in life are your parents. With the decision to bear children, parents also have the obligation and duty to mentor their child’s development into an individual who can successfully move into society.…

It’s Just Business

An editorial trend I have seen in some of the city magazines that I consider to be ahead of the curve is a devotion of editorial space to covering the real estate industry.

So Glad It Is Over

Being an eternal optimist, depression is not in my vocabulary, but the relentlessness of the 2012 election cycle stirred up a bit of anger.