Top Single Profile: Adam Corey

Scott Holstein
Charcoal grey Daniel Cremieux blazer ($195) and pants ($95)|!!| shirt ($79.50)|!!| patterned Roundtree and Yorke Trademark tie ($39.50) from Dillards. Daytona Rolex sterling silver watch ($10|!!|400) and sterling silver basket-weave engraved cufflinks ($325) from Gem Collection. Car: BMW — 2012 650CIC

Adam Corey, 31

Lobbyist, Gunster Attorneys at Law

Charity: Seminole Boosters and YMCA

What characteristic do you most admire — or most dislike — in others? I admire a smile. It is absolutely contagious and makes everyone feel better.

What are the top five items on your bucket list? 1. Donate at least a million dollars to the Seminole Boosters 2. Start my own band 3. Find the love of my life 4. Have a bunch of kids 5. Learn to play the guitar.

What advice did your mother give you that you actually used? I have an amazing mother that always encouraged me to dream as big as I could and work to make it happen. According to her, nothing is out of reach and I still remind myself of that.

What is your No. 1 turn off? Arrogance.

What’s something interesting about you that a lot of people don’t know? I beat Billy Joel in a karaoke contest. Winning!

What’s your favorite thing that’s hanging on your wall? Pictures of family and friends. Possessions can only satisfy you temporarily, but the people in your life will make it meaningful and purposeful forever.

The best thing about living in Tallahassee is …? A familiar face and Southern hospitality. I love walking into banks and stores, or wherever, and the people greet you by your first name or with great care.

Boots, loafers, sneakers or flip flops? Loafers. They’re casual and sophisticated.

Would you rather be called hot, cute, smart, funny or awesome? Awesome for sure. I think it encompasses all the other terms.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. It is the highest bungee jump in the world and I did it with three of my best friends.

What advice would you give to a 10-year-old version of you? Dream big, and let your yes’s be yes’s and your no’s be no’s.

What was your first car? A faded gold 1985 Delta 88 Oldsombile.

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