Top Pet Contestant: Pearl

Domestic short hair
1. Pearl

Pet Name: Pearl

Age: 13+

Description/Color: solid silky black

Species/Breed: domestic short hair

Neighborhood: Edinburgh Estates initially Waverly Hills

Favorite Play Spot: my front porch swing

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: confidently mysterious

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: notably non vocal except for very loud purr

Why should your pet win? Pearl proudly shows her jaunty clipped ear after being captured, spayed, and released as a feral near Waverly Pond. She is known for her curiosity towards visitors. Once she figured out how to train humans to cater to her every whim, there’s been no looking back. She rules the roost! Great things can happen for animals and people when we lend a hand to animals in need.

Anything else we need to know? Pearl is a rock star! She started life as a feral stray and ended up a cherished companion. What a great rags to riches story! She also has a distinguished pedigree. The late Jean Harper well known for her dedication to improving the lives of all animals spent a year sweet talking Pearl until she decided to trust her and became Jean’s last of many pets. It’s time to show this beautiful older lady cat some love and name her Tally’s Top Pet.

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