Top Pet Contestant: Andy

Lab mix
5. Andy

Pet Name: Andy

Age: 4

Description/Color: Chocolate brown Lab mix

Neighborhood: Woodland Drives Tallahassee

Favorite Play Spot: Tom Brown but he likes to venture out to the beach in alligator point and or He likes to go to happy hour with dad at Poor Paul’s

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: A goofball

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: When he’s really excited he’ll do Zoomies and loves to chase his own tail

Why should your pet win? Andy is one of a kind, he was rescued from the Tallahassee animal shelter in 2016 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made besides thinking he only weighs 5lbs, He always finds a way to brighten your day up. He should be voted Tally’s top pet because he’s the epitome of a good boy besides being a Noles fan

Anything else we need to know? Besides being adopted from the local shelter Andy does venture out from Tallahassee he loves to travel and he’s always by your side with his big ol smile As well as he’s a patient of North Florida Animal Hospital

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