7. Theo

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Pet Name: Theo

Pet Age: 8 years

Description/Color: Theo has caramel skin with a golden brown and black shell, plus dark soulful eyes and prominent overlapping scales on his front and back legs.

Species/Breed: African Sulcata Tortoise

Neighborhood: Summerlake

Favorite Play Spot: His owner’s backyard

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Foodie and explorer (escape artist)

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: Wiggles his butt and dances when he is bathed or petted. Fart and burps when he eats too many strawberries. Is a homeowner to a custom wood house shaded by a rose bush. Happy to befriend all creatures, from a small ant to human.

Why Should Your Pet Win? Theo’s mission is to show the Tallahassee community that you don’t have to be a furry friend to bring a human joy and comfort. Theo has a special place in the hearts of all that meet him. Theo has the ability to prove that being an unconventional pet doesn’t make you less than. In fact, Theo has yet to meet a human who didn’t want to befriend him. Theo is smart, beautiful, strong, and friendly. Theo actively dismantles the stigma against reptile pets with his bubbly personality.

Anything Else We Need to Know? Theo is a therapy pet. Always friendly and curious. He follows his human around the yard as she gardens, ready to eat any and all food scraps.

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