14. Suki

Suki Fox 0386 Web

Pet Name: Suki

Pet Age: 6 years

Description/Color: Fluffy long black body with a white chest

Species/Breed: Cocker Spaniel & Basset Hound Mix

Neighborhood: Canopy

Favorite Play Spot: Bradfordville Dog Park

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Spunky

Why Should Your Pet Win? Suki is unique in every way, from her mixed breed to her almost human-like personality. You will never meet a dog quite like her. She has been to several of the parks, dog-friendly outdoor restaurants, community gatherings and events in Tallahassee, and she has helped her humans make friends along the way. Suki is smart, friendly, loyal, well-behaved, and I would be lost without her.

Anything Else We Need to Know? She was adopted from the Savannah Humane Society at 6-months old and has made Tallahassee her home for the past three years. Although she prefers lounging around the house and cuddling with her humans, she is always up for some lizard hunting.

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