Setting a New Tone in the New Year

A yoga teacher who trains trainers offers advice for getting out of your own way in ‘22
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Success in life is all about momentum and direction. That means it is imperative that we set our heartfelt intentions for the year ahead if our desires are to eventually bear fruit. If you want to set a tone, then you have to strike a chord. So how do we bring these manifestation vibes into our home, our body and our life? Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions fizzle. Every fitness studio owner can attest to packed houses for the month of January, but how do we see to it that those life-force enhancing aspirations maintain momentum throughout the year? Let’s talk about making a not-so-typical resolution for 2022. As a mystic and a yogi, I would suggest that you not do so hastily. Give yourself time in which to do the work of planting spiritual seeds of virtue and aspiration that will germinate well into the future. The good news is that it is never too late to start! There is no time like the present to draw that line in the sand or the metaphorical fabric of space and time and begin generating the momentum that will carry you toward your goals.  Once you are serious about what you want to call into the experience of your life — and remember to be as specific as possible — here are some steps to follow:

Write it Down
“The pen is mightier than the sword.” Go analog with this and use actual paper and pen. There is something more tangible about being able to feel the ink on the page. It is not real unless it is on paper, and until you write it down, it exists only in your head. Writing your thoughts out is the first step in the actualization of your dreams on the physical plane.

Be Realistic About Your Goals
Remember to keep it simple. Create a schedule, and stick to it the best you can. However, this schedule is not a “should” and not a device to invite self-ridicule or stifle spontaneity. You will welcome and enjoy discipline once the benefits of reform begin to take root.

Plan Your Downtime Wisely
Every gamer in life needs downtime; we just can’t run at 100% all the time. But it is in downtime more often than not when we are easily distracted. Rather than allowing yourself to become idle, plan effective downtime activities like meal prep or exciting adventures and wholesome escapades to recharge your batteries. Burnout is one of the greatest obstacles to overcome, so once the tone is set, keep the vibes flying high by strategically lying low.

Get Comfortable with Being Way Out of Your Comfort Zone
Search out your edges and boundaries. Sign up for a class, learn a new language or hobby or discover the richness of other cultures and religions. Dare to change your mind about the world as you have previously known it and your “role” within it. Rethink your mental programming by simply choosing a different thought; a whole new way of being is available to us in every conscious moment. 

Clear Space, Make Lists and Organize
Maintaining a positive mindset is not always easy; decluttering can help. Clear out closets of old clothes, and remove accumulated unnecessary stuff from your environment. This process of purging creates an empty space that the entire universe will rush in to fill because nature abhors a vacuum. In order to invite positivity into our futures, we must release the weight of the past and soar high above that old version of self. It’s easier to stay positive when we take good care of ourselves on the inside and out. Nurturing your body, mind and spirit is essential to staying in tune with a chord you strike during any phase of life.

Ashley Thesier is the owner of Yoga Power Tallahassee at 2030 Thomasville Road, a “sacred space where people seek to stretch the limits of their bodies and minds.” She offers classes well suited to people of all experience levels. Since 2011, she has certified more than 150 instructors
of Hatha Yoga through her Yoga Alliance teacher training program.

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