Connecting Through Social Distancing

Love Tokens For The Near And Far
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During a time when people must practice social distancing from one another, we have to find creative ways to stay and feel connected. Love tokens can be a great way to accomplish this.

Love tokens are simply pieces of jewelry that represent love, may contain a locket, have a specific meaning or are meaningful to the wearer in their own personal way. Love tokens have been around for ages and can bring the wearer comfort through these hard times — including times when we are physically apart. As they are everlasting, these pieces will also stand as a symbol that remind us of a time when we all needed to be strong.

From parent to child, spouse to spouse, friend to friend, child to grandparent, sibling to sibling, a gift to oneself … the list goes on.

Find your love token at today.

  1. Victorian Engraved Locket
  2. Hand Engraved Hearts Baby Bracelet
  3. Ed Levin Silver Cascade Cuff Bracelet
  4. Horse and Rider Silver Necklace
  5. Ricky Frank Beach Pendant
  6. Gold Diamond Illusion Necklace

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