12. Buddy

Buddy Fox 0510 Web

Pet Name: Buddy

Pet Age: 2 years

Description/Color: Black and white, like a cow

Species/Breed: Cat, who knows the breed

Neighborhood: Havana

Favorite Play Spot: North Florida Animal Hospital

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Squeaky

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: Horrible breath, missing teeth, high-pitched squeak, but what he misses in teeth he makes up for in love.

Why Should Your Pet Win? While his days are likely numbered, he has made such an impact on our lives. Buddy is a Florida boy through and through. This cat has been bitten by a snake, survived a hurricane and loves key lime pie (or any food he can find). What’s more Florida than that? He is a resilient cat who would be honored to represent Tallahassee.

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