10. Boston

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Pet Name: Boston

Pet Age: 13 years

Description/Color: Boston is tan-colored with black highlights on her ears and snout. She has expressive, hazel eyes that look like she’s wearing Amy Winehouse mascara, and she has what I like to call “Gremlin” ears that fan out above her head when she’s trying to listen really hard. She weighs about 48 pounds, although she doesn’t like to talk about her weight.

Species/Breed: Border Collie/Terrier mix

Neighborhood: Ox Bottom

Favorite Play Spot: Anywhere she can hunt lizards and chase squirrels

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Snuggleupagus

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: Boston loves fishing off the dock at her grandparent’s house and catching bream. She will stare intently at the water waiting to catch a fish, and if it’s taking too long, she will look over and bite the fishing pole as a way to say “hurry up.” She was awesome at catching frisbee in her younger days and still gets excited at the sight of a frisbee, but her old hips can’t handle that activity anymore, so now she just wrestles and rolls around the frisbee and bites at it. She’s mostly a couch surfer now and loves to cuddle. If you tell her “be my friend” she will come lay next to you and put her head on your lap. She also has an uncanny knack of telling time. She will come sit in front of me and stare at me with her Gremlin ears at attention at exactly 5 p.m. every day until I get up to feed her dinner. If she thinks I’m going to forget to feed her or forget to bring her with us for a car ride, she will get one of her stuffed animals out of her toy basket and start shaking it around or she will follow right on my heels and give me a quick, “Hey, don’t forget me!” bark.

Why Should Your Pet Win? Boston was part of a litter of puppies that were tossed out of a moving car window in front of a veterinarian office. She had road rash and a hurt leg, but she fared better than her litter mates. She was supposed to just be a foster dog until she could recover and find a “forever” home, but 13 years later, she’s still our girl. She was a handful as a puppy but is the smartest and sweetest dog I’ve ever known and sometimes my heart grows two sizes bigger just squeezing on her. It’s tough to see her getting old even though she’s doing great for her age. I just entered her into the Tally Top Pet on a whim because it was for a good cause, and Boston just brings us so much joy. She’s the top pet in our hearts and minds. I don’t expect her to win, but I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share her with everybody.

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