5. Queen Scruffington

Queen Scruffington
Photo by Dave Barfield

Pet Name: Queen Scruffington

Pet Age: 18.5 years

Description/Color: Grey/cream dilute tortie

Species/Breed: Domestic longhair

Neighborhood: Midtown

Favorite Play Spot: Wherever her carriage (stroller) takes her

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Entitled

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: Queen Scruffington plays with tennis balls and begs for human food just like a dog would. She has striking celery green eyes that help her gaze penetrate your soul. All of her meows sound angry, even when we believe she’s happy. She had never been on a leash before last year, and is constantly learning new things even at 18.5 years old!

Why Should Your Pet Win?  Queen Scruffington is an advocate for senior pet adoption. While most adopters would overlook a cat her age, she has proven time and time again that she is up for anything. She’s gone on weeklong vacations with us, exploring on her leash and smelling all the smells. She has years of love and entertainment left to provide, and hopefully her story inspires others to consider giving more seasoned cats a chance.

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