14. Poppy

Photo by Dave Barfield

Pet Name: Poppy

Pet Age: 8 years

Description/Color: Brindle

Species/Breed: French Bulldog

Neighborhood: Piedmont-Live Oak

Favorite Play Spot: Cascades Park

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Big-hearted

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: She knows the words to her favorite places: “office!” means work with mom & dad at Cascades Park and “grandma!” means spending the day at grandma’s house, one of her very favorite people. She knows going to the back door means attention, whether she needs to go out or not! A true sassy Frenchie.

Why Should Your Pet Win?  We adopted Poppy when she was 3 years old, and she’s been my shadow since day one. In her past life, she was a mama to 17 puppies! Now, she’s retired and living her happiest life in Tallahassee. She is incredibly sweet, loyal, and is a friend to every human she meets, especially her “coworkers,” as she is one of Artia Solutions’ office dogs. Artia is one of the first businesses that moved to Cascades Park! Poppy is also an IVDD survivor – she had back surgery in January 2020, and she recovered successfully.

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