Food Bites

A ‘test-drive’ of menu selections from various restaurantsFood Bites

Compiled by Jessica Stasiw and Rosanne Dunkelberger 

SANDWICH – Uptown Café

A perennial Uptown favorite, the Greek Garden sandwich is a vegetarian’s delight. A mélange of spinach, cheese and green onions is topped with black olives, sunflower seeds, provolone cheese, tomato and a heaping helping of sprouts. It’s all served warm on a fiberific pumpernickel roll.

$5.15, or $6 for a tortilla-wrapped and pressed version

DRINK – Starbucks

An icy green tea milkshake is topped with a mound of whipped cream and a drizzle of sweet blackberry sauce to create the delicious and refreshing Blackberry Green Tea Frappucino.

$3.35, $3.85 or $4.75

{mosimage}DESSERT – On the Border

Picture a crisp cinnamon and sugar-dusted dough shell bursting with warm chocolate sauce. You’ll hardly put your fork down once the Turtle Empanada hits the table.


ENTRÉE – Food Glorious Food

The lunch menu’s Pan Fried Grouper is the ultimate vertical eating experience. A circle of cheese grits and remoulade sauce forms the base. Next comes collard greens and a thick fish fillet. The meal is topped off by a generous serving of fried potato shoestrings that create an airy stack nearly a foot tall.


PIZZA – ItZa Pizza

It doesn’t look like ordinary pizza, but ItZa Pizza’s White Pizza is just as good. Made with ricotta, garlic, fresh basil and olive oil topped with mozzarella cheese, it will mix up your pizza taste buds forever.

9-inch is $8.25; 14-inch is $11.45; 18-inch is $17.75

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