Five Things You Can Pour Over a Block of Cream Cheese

Get saucy with this twist on the the classic cheese and crackers.
Photo by James Stefiuk

You have days when you can wow your guests and coworkers with a cranberry chutney-topped blue cheese tart or fresh-from-the-oven gougéres.

Pretty much all the other days, you’re caught up in the holi-daze of shopping and celebrating — and opening a sleeve of crackers seems like a monumental task.

During those hectic times, we turn to the appetizer go-to ingredient — cream cheese.

Unwrap an 8-ounce block, plonk it on a pretty plate and cover it with one of these sauces.

Present it with a spreader and a collection of crackers for a tasty sweet or savory nibble that comes together in a hurry.

  • Pepper jelly
  • Peach or apricot preserves with jalapeños
  • Pickapeppa sauce
  • Caramel sauce and toffee bits (works great with apple slices)
  • Sweet chili sauce
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