First-Line Defenses for Fighting Anxiety

First-Line Defenses for Fighting Anxiety

Fear rushes over you. The feeling of worry is strong enough that sweat begins trickling down your face. The disquiet in your mind won’t leave you alone.

Whether we’re worrying about work-related drama or just the daily happenings in life, at some point we all dance to the tune of that little bugger known as anxiety. But the most important consideration is how to deal with these anxious situations. Do we ask the doctor about the latest “wonder drug” to rid us of our stress, or are there other options? While medication might be required for some, certain lifestyle changes can help alleviate anxiety without the need for drug therapy.

What we eat can have a tremendous influence on the body’s reaction to anxiety. Always eating well-balanced meals keeps the body functioning at optimum level; low levels of vitamin B-12 can be a contributing factor to how the body handles anxiety. Also, consuming alcohol and caffeine can raise anxiety levels to even greater heights. Alcohol depresses the nervous system, causing tiredness and anxiety – ironic, considering many people turn to alcohol thinking it will rid them of their anxiousness.

It’s always a good idea to get into a regular exercise routine as well.

“Physical activity increases the flow and exchange of oxygen, discharges the tension in the body and promotes a feeling of relaxation,” says Diane Verdiano, a local marriage and family therapist. “The endorphins released while exercising help to manage pain more effectively and create a sense of mental wellbeing and calmness.”

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