2. Bugsy

Photo by Dave Barfield

Pet Name: Bugsy

Pet Age: 5 years

Description/Color: Fawnequin

Species/Breed: Great Dane

Neighborhood: Northeast Tallahassee

Favorite Play Spot: Proof Brewing Company

Best Word to Describe Him/Her: Chill

Unusual Talents/Characteristics: He could steal a snack from the top of the fridge — not that he ever would.

Why Should Your Pet Win? Bugsy loves everyone, and they love him back. As a long time TMH Animal Therapy dog, Bugsy spends a big part of each week providing stress relief all over our community — at TMH itself, the courthouse, the sheriff’s headquarters, the detention center, consolidated dispatch, FAMU, FSU, TCC, and many many more locations. He’d love to be selected as this year’s Tally Top Pet to raise awareness about animal therapy, so more people in need can benefit and more awesome animals can join the program.

Anything Else We Need to Know? Bugs loves to have his picture taken so he’s looking forward to the photo shoot.


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