Spirit of Tallahassee

Here’s a toast to our city — a drink that symbolizes and refreshes
Tally Drink At Aloft Ccsz

Photo by Saige Roberts

As a relative newcomer, I’ve found Tallahassee a city of myriad colors, flavors and symbols — so many that you almost want to taste it.

As a part-time bartender, I thought that sounded good, so I set out to create a drink that represented the Capital City.

I took many things I’ve learned about our city as a student at Florida State University and turned them into ingredients. I saw the deep red bricks on campus as splashes of cranberry juice, for example.

I got in touch with Devin Baker, director of food and beverage at Aloft Tallahassee, which houses the W XYZ Bar. He agreed to work on the “Tallahassee Drink” with me. 

We painted a mental portrait of our drink, and we handed the easel to Carla Colbert-Renfroe, a bartender at W XYZ. She led us in turning our vision into spirit.

Give it a try. It’ll taste like home.

Capital City Concoction*

  • orange slice
  • two strawberries
  • lime slice
  • mint leaf
  • splash of simple syrup
  • splash of orange juice
  • splash of cranberry juice
  • 1 oz sweet tea vodka
  • 1 oz orange vodka
  • local Tallahassee honey
  • Proof’s Mango Wit

Honey the rim of the glass by pouring honey onto a plate and dipping each side. Muddle the orange, one strawberry and simple syrup together. Add sweet tea and orange vodkas. Add a splash of cranberry and orange juice. Shake. Add ice to the glass. Add the contents of shaker (unstrained) into the glass. Top with Mango Wit for a fizzy floater. Squeeze lime juice into the drink as another floater. Garnish with a mint leaf and strawberry.


Where to Try It

Devin Baker, director of food and beverage at Aloft Tallahassee, said he planned to add our beer-cocktail creation to the W XYZ Bar menu but wasn’t sure when. “I enjoyed it,” he said of helping to make and of trying out the drink. He noted the drink’s body and flavor.


*We’ll get back with you on a name.

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