You Can Trust Us … Even If We Are 30

From the EditorYou Can Trust Us … Even If We Are 30

By Rosanne Dunkelberger

Tallahassee Magazine’s 30th birthday is coming up – and have we got a year long celebration planned for our readers!

The actual birthday isn’t until this time in 2009, but we’re kicking off the party a little early (although, if you think about it, we’re actually in our 30th year now) with a special lineup of stories that take a look back over the decades since our inaugural issue in 1979.

On my desk sit several foot-high stacks of Tallahassee Magazine. I’m thumbing through every issue we ever produced, and it’s been a very interesting – and enlightening – experience. I came to town about five years after the magazine began, so these old editions serve as a chronicle of my time here.

I’ve found architectural renderings of the Civic Center before it was built. And a sad story about the fire that destroyed the Turnbull Conference Center before it could open. It was ultimately rebuilt – and destroyed again, this time to make way for a parking lot.

I saw an ’80s-era drawing envisioning what downtown would look like in the year 2000 – featuring a monorail, no less!

Even the old advertisements would inspire a fond reminiscence. An ad for Andy Reiss’ upstairs eatery Tutto Benne reminded me of the wedding anniversary dinner Lloyd and I had there right after we moved to Tallahassee in 1983. And I recalled how the helpful saleswomen at Etc in Governors Square mall would set aside outfits for me to choose from when I was searching for just the right outfit to wear for a special work event.

It’s inevitable. Everything changes … evolves, to use another word. With that in mind, the magazine is going to spend the next year taking a look at the evolution of Tallahassee throughout the past three decades or so.

Starting with this one, and for the next six issues, we’ll have a special feature section covering the evolution of several different areas of life in Tallahassee. We kick off with retrospectives on food and restaurants, nature and the environment, and technology. (Hard to believe now, but not so long ago we did live in a world without e-mail and cell phones.)

We’re also planning stories on the transformation in the areas of health, higher education, religion, beauty, the arts, home décor (remember the heyday of mauve?) and lots more – with a special emphasis on how Tallahassee Magazine covered these topics throughout the years. It’ll be fun – to write and to read. Keep an eye out for our special 30-year logo on other stories in the magazine. Many of our standing departments are going to have stories that relate to the theme. This issue, it’s an interview with Music Machine founder John Summers, a retrospective on the Cabbage Patch doll and a visit with a group of women artists who have been creating together for 20 years.

We hope you’ll be enlightened by our cover profile of Peggy Quince, the recently inducted chief justice of Florida’s Supreme Court – the first black woman to lead one of the branches of our state government. She’s a professional dynamo who leads a fulfilling and committed life once she hangs up her judicial robes at the end of the day.

Enjoy the summer – but don’t forget the sunscreen.

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