What They’re Saying

Community leaders comment on the big issues in the South side.

“When you think about the big issues in the south side, one is to prevent student housing from migrating into the neighborhoods that are traditionally single-family dwellings . . . Myers Park has a historical district overlay . . . to prevent student housing from moving up the hill and de facto replacing a lot of the older homes.”

— Kim Williams, president of Marpan Supply

“There are significant dollars being spent to connect the south side together and to connect the south side with the north side of town. You got the Blueprint dollars spent on Blair Stone Road . . . and it’s really changed the way people drive in Tallahassee . . . It’s making the south side a lot more accessible.”

— Lucas Hewett, senior director for the Tallahassee headquarters of GVA Advantis

“If you build one house here and one three miles away, you’re not showing an impact to what you’re doing. Just scattered houses. But in my situation, I decided the Bond area was a good area in order to show some impact by building two or three houses together.”

— Leroy Hill, executive director, Bethel Community Development Corporation

“I just think that the south-side community in some way is really in some sense the heart and soul of the African-American communities . . . I think when you start looking for an African-American presence, it is more defined here in the south side. The south side tends to give a well-defined location where you can visibly see an African-American presence and contributions.”

— Pastor John Green, Bethel AME Church

“The south side has important historic and economic significance for the city of Tallahassee, and we will remain committed to making improvements in all aspects of the region.”

– Mayor John Marks

“When the fairgrounds relocates, and frees up the current site, it will become a 147-acre jewel for central city redevelopment … there are boundless opportunities.”

– Leon County Commission Chairman Bill Proctor

“We spend more per student in south-side schools than we do on north-side schools. There’s a reason for that. There’s good justification for that. And we do that because it’s the right thing to do.” 

– Leon County Schools Superintendent Bill Montford

“With regard to low-income job development, the county and city, I believe, will be required more and more to assist low-income youth find stable jobs and, especially, summer youth employment.”

– Leon County Commissioner Cliff Thaell

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