Vet & Pet Profiles: Oakwood Animal Hospital

Felines, canines, birds and bunnies are more than furry and feathered friends. They are family. You insist on only the best doctors for your loved ones, and the same standards apply when you seek a vet for your pet. In this special section, we profile veterinary specialists who are not only highly skilled and trained but also show care and compassion toward all creatures.

Photo by John Harrington

Oakwood Animal Hospital

Oakwood Animal Hospital knows that your pet would much rather be at home cuddled up with you or in the yard playing fetch — anything but making a visit to the vet. Keeping this in mind, they aim to have a stress-free and inviting environment by approaching each furry friend with positive reinforcement and a healthy dose of treats.

Oakwood strives to be not just your vet, but your “other family doctor.” Their goal is to form lasting relationships by getting to know you while watching your pet grow, progress and maintain a happy, healthy life.

“Our staff fosters relationships by being friendly, inclusive and personable,” said Josh Goodson, DVM. “We come to think of your pets as a part of our family. Our staff often knows your pet’s favorite treat and unique aspects of their personalities in order to make them feel most welcomed.”

The staff also knows that if pets might have stress, so can their owners. Owners often come in worried about their pet’s health and diagnosis and anxious about the possible price. The staff meets each customer on an equal level to ensure their comfort with treatment plans, prices and future care.

“The most fulfilling part of being a vet is being able to advocate for animals who can’t always tell us why they feel bad and then, restoring them to health,” said Goodson.

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