Valentine’s Day mix-and-match

‘Expert’ Advice to All the Single Ladies

How to Enjoy THE Night Dedicated to Couples

Being single isn’t so bad … in fact it can be quite fantastic. However, Valentine’s Day inevitably rolls around each year to serve as a nagging reminder that you don’t have that significant other to buy you overpriced flowers, cheap candy and ugly stuffed bears (just what every girl wants, by the way). But don’t fret my single lassies, Tallahassee has something for all of us, too. This chart will guide you through several scenarios for Valentine’s Day success (and you won’t end up eating your coworker’s leftover chocolate while sitting in your pj’s Bridget Jones-style). This year, the couple-loving holiday falls on a Thursday, so I would save your celebration for Friday after the V-day crowds thin out. That said, gather up your best single gal-pals, put on your highest heels and hit the town.

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