Up and At ’Em, Tallahassee, Spring Is in the Air


It’s the most wonderful time
It’s the most wonderful time,
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Andy Williams was crooning about Christmas, but as far as I’m concerned, around these parts, the “most wonderful” honor goes to spring. The weather takes a turn for the better, the azaleas and dogwoods put on a show, and even a recliner-bound slug like myself feels the need to get outside and do — or plant — something.

It’s a time when we can shake off the winter chills (especially the freeze-a-thons in January and February), and last summer’s hot and humid days are nothing but a distant memory. For many Christians, the sacrifices of Lent are almost over and the joyous Easter season begins. (I really didn’t like Lent, because my March birthday always fell somewhere within those 40 days. I’d usually fall off of my privation wagon and celebrate with some forbidden cake and candy, but in proper Catholic fashion, I’d feel guilty about it afterward.)

One of the only people I know who is not too thrilled about this time of year is my husband, a journalist and Capitol bureau chief who has spent the past 25 springs covering the Legislature for his downstate newspapers. It’s his busiest time of the year, and the agenda is usually heating up around his April birthday as the session winds down. His company gives workers a vacation day on their birthday, but he never gets to take it. When our children were still at home, we’d be off for fun-filled spring-break vacations while Lloyd was left behind, toiling at the Capitol.

I think the only people who work harder than Lloyd does during the session are the state legislative staffers. After the senators and representatives have adjourned for the day and are enjoying happy hour at Clyde’s, these folks are up until the wee hours rewriting, analyzing, printing and otherwise making sense of what was decided that day.

Several items in this issue of Tallahassee Magazine give a nod to the season — most notably a 16-page special section devoted to all the fun and pageantry surrounding our fair city’s signature festival, Springtime Tallahassee.

We’re also writing about that once-in-a-decade occurrence, the U.S. Census, and a relatively new local event, the Tallahassee Festival of Books and Writers Conference. There’s a story about an enjoyable and educational celebration of Earth Day, and a little something about one of spring’s downsides — allergy season.

Here’s hoping you have a spring season that’s as beautiful as the azaleas at Maclay Gardens.

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