Truisms We Can All Relate To

Whether it be your business or personal life, situations and experiences often occur that can either bring a chuckle and smile to your face or a disappointed frown. 

After running through many such experiences that have passed through my swing zone, I did a poll of friends and associates –— who added many more. You may not relate to them all, however my bet would be that as you read most of them a name or situation will immediately flash across your personal radar screen.

  • The consistent team player on the staff, who always is willing to jump in and help in any task, has a positive, “can do” attitude and is a pleasure to work with. 
  • That one song that brings you back to the happiest, or maybe the saddest, time of your life.
  • The family member who, if he or she weren’t directly connected to you by DNA or marriage, you would have nothing to do with.
  • That pair of shoes you cannot part with because they are just so darn comfortable.
  • How about that TV ad when they scream at you to “buy now” because you’ll never be able to get it cheaper than this weekend. Really?
  • That one traffic light you pass through nearly every day that is red 99 percent of the time. 
  • The clients who don’t think they should pay their bill until you have called them six times — and then make promises they never fulfill or are indignant you asked for “your” money.
  • That employee who, when you do the research, you find that 95 percent of their sick days occur on a Friday or Monday. Funny how weekends and illness coincide. 
  • That one gas station you pull in to that never has receipt paper, and the flow of gas to your tank runs at the speed of a melting glacier.
  • That one charitable or political organization that just keeps calling for more and more, and you don’t have the gumption to say “enough” or aren’t wise enough to know it’s a sales call from a boiler room.
  • That one red ant colony that you’ve spent $50 to eradicate with “guaranteed” products — only to find the red posse raised its mound in another inconvenient location. 
  • That business or community leader who always says the same thing when you run into them, like “good to see you” or “so, how is your business?” Do they really want to know? 
  • That friend or couple who when you are out to dinner suddenly develops arm paralysis when the server presents the check to the table. Or, better yet, you’ve had them over for dinner or parties for years, and they have never reciprocated. 
  • That friend who you have not seen in years but when you do, you start to talk and it suddenly seems like yesteryear.
  • You are standing by the casket at the funeral home and someone says, “Doesn’t she look good?” And you think, “She’s dead and looks awful,” but don’t say it. 
  • You’re in the salad bar line and the person in front of you inspects every leaf of lettuce and associated condiment while they build their Taj Mahal. 
  • You have an employee who finds it impossible to take responsibility for an error in job performance and always points the finger of blame at others.
  • When hosting dinner, your dining companions always order the most expensive meal and appetizer. (This is also known as being “surfed and turfed.”)

If you have any more of these you would like to share, drop me a line and we’ll print a list sometime in 2015.
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