Top Single Profile: Cory McFarlane

Cory McFarlane, 34

Chief Visionary, Pinnacle/CSG

Charity: Tally Ties


Scott Holstein

On Cory: Longines Hydro Conquest watch ($1,925).

Personal Haiku 

I am a machine

Powered by my daily dreams

Working to succeed


20 Questions

1. Beer, wine or champagne? Napa Valley all day…. Thanks Doc

2. iPod question: Do you shuffle and take songs as they come, or stick with a playlist? Roll with the disco

3. What are the top five items on your bucket list? ….. Am I really supposed to kick the bucket?

4.What three words best describe you? Work – Work – Work

5. What’s something interesting about you that a lot of people don’t know?  Hmmmm I have unbreakable faith in the Lord

6. What do you keep in the trunk of your car? The Engine

7. What is a fear you’d like to overcome? I fear nothing but God

8. What is your guilty pleasure? Lol…. Too guilty to say

9. What was your best Halloween costume?….awww man a 1970’s Pimp Outfit with Platform Shoes

10. What saying do you overuse? Niceeeee

11. On what occasion (if ever) do you lie? My mother told me if you lie to someone you must feel inferior to them….. so I get myself in trouble for being too honest sometimes

12. What is your current state of mind? Peaceful

13. What do you value most in your friends? Just being Friends

14. What talent would you like to have? I’m blessed with what I have

15. What is your most treasured possession? My Bible

16. What is your greatest extravagance? Traveling across the global

17. DJ or band at a wedding? Wrong question this is Top Singles

18. What is your favorite smartphone app? Lol…. Speakerphone

19. What is the first thing that you notice about someone? Wow…. The smile or lack thereof

20. If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be? The old man in UP! My kind of grumpy old man who would risk it all for “Love”

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