Top Pet Contestant: Lada

Catahoula leopard dog (female)
Photo by Dave Barfield

How adopted: Found on Petfinder at a shelter in Georgia


Unusual characteristics/special talents: “Making my day so much better when I walk through the door and she’s there with a toy in her mouth and tag wagging. Nothing better than that — pure love.”


Why Tally Top Pet? “She’s the most beautiful, of course! She is an amazing furry family member and companion. Also, as a black dog and Catahoula, a breed not well known, she had two strikes against her in the shelter. Lada and I would like to show folks that black dogs and/or a lesser-known breed are also amazing members of the family. My life has been so much better taking that over two-hour drive to get a pup I had only seen pictures of.”


Our observation: We spotted a good girl.

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