Top Pet Contestant: Dreagon

Great Dane (male)
Photo by Dave Barfield

Unusual characteristics/special talents: “Loves raising neonatal kittens.”


Why Tally Top Pet? “Dreagon is a unique and very special boy. He is affectionately known as Dre to most. He is a dog of a different caliber. His circle of humans often refer to him as ‘Dogtor Dre,’ as he is always willing to come to the rescue of an animal in need, while going to work with his mom, who is a local veterinarian. Dre is a lover of kittens and has helped raise several foster kittens over the past few years. If there is a foster kitten in need, Dre will be there to comfort and nurture them. Dre is not only a kitten whisperer but he is a gentle giant. In his free time, you can find Dre playing with his toys and his friends, human and animal alike.”


Our observation: A giant dog (so big that he’ll make you gasp) who sports a blue coat.

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