Top Pet Contestant: Artie

American Staffordshire terrier/boxer mix (male)
Photo by Dave Barfield

How adopted: From Cauzican Care at Wakulla County Animal Control


Unusual characteristics/special talents: “Artie has a very large squeaky toy collection. He loves to bring them all out and squeak as many as possible when guests are visiting. He also loves to bring them out and squeak as loud as possible when one is on the phone. We are convinced he thinks he is adding to the conversation or just trying to get us to just pay attention to him.”


Why Tally Top Pet? “Artie is a great example of how Rescued should be everyone’s favorite breed. The love and loyalty he gives every day is the purest love, and adopting him freed up shelter space for another animal who is looking for a loving home.”


Our observation: A former shelter dog who is handsome, relaxed and social.

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