A Timline of Events on Tallahassee’s South Side (since 1990)


Tallahassee/Leon County Comprehensive Plan adopted. Local leaders recognized that while areas to the north and east were rapidly growing, the south side was experiencing population loss, high unemployment and “general stagnation.”


The Bethel AME Community Development Corporation builds affordable homes in the Bond community.


The city and county agree to reverse trends of south-side stagnation by adopting a “Southern Strategy” and policies for a Southern Strategy Area are placed in the Comprehensive Plan. 


The Tallahassee City Commission establishes the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Area and the Community Redevelopment Agency. The CRA’s goal is to enhance the downtown area. 


The Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Plan and trust fund are established. 


The city adopts the Gaines Street Revitalization Plan to “establish an area with a unique urban character, providing residential, entertainment and cultural activities, all complemented by parks and bike paths.” 


The first “State of the Southern Strategy Report” is issued, examining existing conditions of the Southern Strategy Area, which covers 17 square miles. The report includes information on land use and demographics. 


The Providence neighborhood, located in the south side, is named the City’s 2002 Renaissance Neighborhood. 


The second “State of the Southern Strategy Report” is released. An economic development plan for the south side includes some 50 recommendations “identifying specific tasks, implementing organizations, time frames and measurements.”  


Work begins on the 3.4-mile-long, $36-million Capital Circle Southeast Corridor Expansion Project. 


Senate Bill 360 passes the Florida Legislature. The law requires city, county and school board officials to work together to manage growth and concurrency.2005: CNL Realty & Development Corp. of Orlando plans a facelift of Capital City Country Club. 


Construction begins on a new elementary school in the Bond community. 

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