This Summer, Freshen Up Your Bathroom Décor

Set Sail!


Scott Holstein

PCH Napkin set, Bedfellows, $38

Redecorating any room can be a challenge, but smaller spaces like bathrooms offer a unique challenge. Lack of space can be daunting, but there’s no need to tamp down your decorating ambitions. Here are a few key things to think about before you get started: 

Functionality is important. Everything should serve a purpose while making a small space look great. Use a pretty tray as a catchall for your watch, wedding rings or other little pieces you don’t want falling down the drain. A rustic lantern that doubles as a candleholder can add aesthetic as well as practical value. 

Avoid cliché and over-the-top pieces. While it’s nice to display an anchor accent here or there, don’t cover the entire bathroom with one design. Limit yourself to one or two statement pieces. When creating a nautical look, stay away from using both bright blues and reds. These in-your-face bathroom colors can dominate your space, making it feel cluttered. 

Look for coherent pieces. Scout out what colors and patterns stores are stocking for the season. The closer you follow your original theme, the easier it will be to purchase items from different stores and seamlessly piece them together. When planning, choose one main bold color (we used dark blue) and neutral accent colors such as tan and white. 

Our decor focused on three things: dark blues to draw in the eye, tan or rope accessorizes, and rustic items weathered by the salty sea air. The main color, navy blue, was picked up in the flower vase and carried throughout by a mixture of items like the rug and shower curtain. Meanwhile, the weathered driftwood anchor makes a great statement piece, but its relaxed color stops the anchor from becoming overwhelming. White, tan and rope accessories float together about the pieces. From the rope design in our catchall to the rope doorstop; each piece coordinates with the next through the neutral accent colors.

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