The Eyebrows Have It

Like artwork, your face looks best when it sits in the perfect frame. Often neglected in the beauty regimen, eyebrows have the potential to show off your face beautifully and open up the eyes.

A little time added to your daily routine can completely change the look of your face.

Here are some tips to maximize your eyebrows’ potential from Amber Manasco-White, spa specialist at Tallahassee’s So-Pure Salon and Spa:

Thicker brows with a pronounced arch are definitely “in” right now, while in the recent past it was all about the thinner brow. To make brows look more full, Manasco-White recommends filling in thinner spots with a brush and powder. If you’ve already got strong brows, flaunt them, but be sure to keep them in shape!

Properly shaped brows should “not make it past the nose or past the edge of the eye,” she says. The arch should fall above the outer edge of the iris. To maintain this shape, ladies should get their eyebrows waxed every few weeks and pluck stray hairs in between. It is also recommended to use small scissors to trim excess length. Comb brows upward with a brow comb and trim the hairs that reach above the brow line. Just remember: It’s better to err on the side of thickness.

Men should not be shy about getting their eyebrows waxed either. Manasco advises that while the recommended shape varies depending on the man, “he should definitely see an experienced brow waxer.”

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