The Copper Comeback

You’ve heard it time and time again: “What goes around comes around.” A cliché? Sure. The hyperbole does hold true in the design world, though. And it’s certainly been the case for copper, the season’s favorite born-again metal. From the clinking of Moscow Mule mugs to the glistening effect of a well-lit penny backsplash to those intriguing miniature succulent pots none of us can get enough of, copper is quickly becoming the accent of choice for many interior design enthusiasts. With an agreeable balance of rustic and a clean and contemporary vibe, copper is ideal for adding contrast in texture, color and shape to any lackluster space. “I think the copper trend is a very aesthetically pleasing way to incorporate natural, earthy pieces into your home,” said Lisa Mergel, owner of Kanvas Beauty in Midtown.

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