Sergeant David Bell and Luke

Tallahassee Police Department
Sergeant David Bell and Luke | Tallahassee Police Department. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Davidson

About Luke

Age: 2 ½
Partners For: 14 months
Unique Traits: “He’s imported from the Netherlands, so he’s Dutch. He’s about 75 pounds, and he’s what they call a ‘bi-color.’”
Career Highlights: “He has had dozens of drug alerts where we seized illegal narcotics and stolen or illegally carried firearms.”
Pet Peeves: “My pet peeve is Luke’s hair! It’s everywhere. I call them ‘hair-nadoes’ that fly around my car. He’s also a nipper. He will walk past my daughter and nip her. It doesn’t hurt her, and it isn’t mean. He just does it to get attention, then walks away like nothing happened.”
Special Moment: “We put so much training into them to make sure they are brave and courageous. Within the last month, he got his first apprehension. It was a guy who tried to run over some officers. Luke grabbed hold of him, which made it so much easier for us to handcuff the suspect. It was one of those moments comparable to when your son hits a home run. After all that training, his first time at bat, he knocked it out of the park.”

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