New Décor for the New Decade

Home Trends in 2010

How to decorate your home’s interior is a big decision; it sets the mood for your life in that space. If you’re moving into a new home, or redecorating your current one, here are a few new trends to look for in 2010:

  • With the economy struggling, and threats of global warming, the idea of natural, “green” products has struck a chord that resonates throughout the house. Nature-like patterns featuring the colors of sand, sea, sky and trees are in full force, while materials from the earth, like stone, wood and glass, predominate.
  • Just as the fashion industry is cyclical, so goes interior design. Vintage is in, especially looks from the 1940s and colors such as beige, off-white and faded yellow. Pieces with a history, such as a bureau made of aged wood, can serve as centerpieces of rooms in the new decade. And wallpaper is back — this time with large, bold, graphic, eye-catching prints.
  • The watchword for the new decade is “adventurous.” Redecorators are encouraged to layer and mix fabrics with a variety of patterns and textures. Or embrace your inner Bohemian with bold colors and funky styles.
  • In 2010, kitchen appliances will be all about convenience and camouflage. Stainless steel remains a strong trend and, because the surface isn’t magnetic, it tends to stay clutter-free without the notes and magnets. Also, appliances “disappear” when covered with overlays that match the cabinetry, another look that’s gaining traction in the New Year.
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