My Sister Lauren’s Sous Vide Turkey Legs

“They’re tender and flavorful to the bone”
Photo by James Stefiuk

This holiday season we had a few of our staff members share the recipe to their favorite holiday meals.


Lindsay Masterson, Publication Designer

“They’re tender and flavorful to the bone.”



6 turkey legs

Any smoke rub/barbecue rub of choice

Smoked sea salt

3 teaspoons liquid smoke



Set the sous vide machine to 145 degrees.

Coat and rub turkey legs with desired smoke seasoning.

Add in a few pinches of smoked sea salt. Place two turkey legs per bag.

Add a teaspoon of liquid smoke to each bag. Vacuum seal the turkey legs in a bag.

Sous vide at 145 F for 14 hours.

When the sous vide bath is complete, remove the turkey legs from their bags.

Transfer turkey legs to a charcoal grill with hickory wood chips. Grill until crispy.

Rest turkey under tented foil for 10 minutes, then serve.

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