Modern Weddings, Southern Style

courtesy Vocelles|!!| The Bridal Shoppe

The 2013 wedding dress trend includes the lace and ruffles Southern girls adore — with a new twist. “Not-so-White” wedding dresses are being seen in shades of blush, pink, coral and lavender. Brides also are choosing to make their weddings very personalized by accessorizing with stacks of rhinestone or pearl bangles and opting for a colored shoe. If your wedding is outdoors, don’t forget your Heckuva Heel, to prevent that “sinking” feeling when you or your wedding party walks across the grass. Grooms are finally getting some say so, so don’t be surprised to see deer heads, surfboards or farm tractor motifs on the cake table. Monogramming is still all the rage — that and lots and lots of beautiful flowers!


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