Meet Our 2012 Top Singles


For a third year, 18 brave souls have agreed to auction themselves off for a lunch date during Tallahassee Magazine’s Top Singles event, planned for July 21 at Hotel Duval. A love connection isn’t guaranteed, but a financial boost for local charities is assured — all the money bid that night for dates goes to the singles’ charity of choice. Last year, the total topped $21,000.

For this introduction to the Top Singles Class of 2012, we decided to preserve an air of mystery by asking our singles to share a few basic facts about themselves, and then try to fit their personality into the 17 syllables of a three-line haiku. When it came time to photograph them, the setting was an easy choice — Goodwood Museum and Gardens, one of Tallahassee’s most naturally beautiful backdrops for a photo shoot. And maybe even a wedding!


Elizabeth Mack

Personal Haiku  
Funky sassy fro 
Reporting is my passion
I LOVE living LIFE

Marc Mitchell

Personal Haiku
Grew up at the track
Brought the competition back
To Tallahassee

Randall Mills

Personal Haiku 
Diehard Seminole
I used to live in Tampa
Always on the go

Melanie Lee

Personal Haiku 
Works hard to excel
Selling KIAs every day
Customers come first

Cory McFarlane

Personal Haiku 
I am a machine
Powered by my daily dreams
Working to succeed

Lauralee Moore

Personal Haiku 
Exploring the world,
Living life to the fullest,
Teaching the future

Karen Smith

Personal Haiku 
Beach: white sand and sun
Perfect day for a long run
Sun-kissed with tan lines

Keith Dean

Personal Haiku 
An extravagance …
Whether travel, food or wine
Is luxury when shared 

Gina Pitisci

Personal Haiku 
Fun, friendly, fearless …
From L.A. to Florida
I’m living my dream

Leslie Connell

Personal Haiku
Leslie has big teeth

You can see her smile in France
Rooms are made brighter

Bill Wilson

Personal Haiku 
I’m tall with freckles,
Each day is a marathon,
Life to the fullest

Ann Hudgins

Personal Haiku
I have long blonde hair

I enjoy triathlons
I love the outdoors

Brandi Young

Personal Haiku
Dance parties, sandbars
A good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus, shoes too 

Cliff Englert

Personal Haiku
It’s never too late
To be who you want to be
Superman Batman

Tripp Farrell III

Personal Haiku
I’m truly awake
Separated from stillness
A wealth of knowledge

Nicholas Kent

Personal Haiku 
Most handsome man to
Visit the great sunshine state
How about that date?

Sean P. Donovan

Personal Haiku
Business and friendship,
Give to the community,
Tallahassee life

Lisa Barclay

Personal Haiku
Illegally blonde
High heels, motorcycle wheels
Faith, family and friends 


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