K-9 Deputy Justin Wilmot and Cam

Leon County Sheriff’s Department


About Cam

Age: 5 years 
Partners For: 4 years 
Unique Traits: “His desire to work. He doesn’t seek attention or love. He does with my wife and I, but for the most part, his desire is
to work.”
Career Highlights: “We found an Alzheimer’s patient 18 hours after he walked away from a bus stop. He forgot where his house was and walked into the woods. We got there and found his shoes, and then Cam tracked his scent and was able to find him. On the opposite side, he’s caught so many bad guys, as well. Cam excels at tracking them and apprehending them. We show up and he knows exactly what he’s meant to do.”
Pet Peeves: “My pet peeve is people petting him. Because he’s so adorable, people want to pet him; but he doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it. We want people to be comfortable around the dogs, so it’s hard to tell people they can’t play with him — but he’s at work, so they can’t.” 
Special Moment: “Seeing the progression in his behavior. He’s such a working dog, but I’ve seen his bond with me change and become more affectionate. It’s a lot like being a father. You see the relationship develop. Now that we are so close, it’s even more gratifying when he does a good job.”

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