K-9 Deputy John Simpson and Ronin

Leon County Sheriff’s Department
Leon County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Deputy John Simpson and Ronin. Photo by Lawrence Davidson

About Ronin

​Age: 18 months
Partners For: 8 months
Unique Traits: “He’s very inquisitive and a really good dog.  He’s a fast learner.”
Career Highlights: “So far, just his certification. We just certified a few weeks ago, after a 16-week canine course. He has yet to have anything on his highlight reel, but he has a ton of potential.”
Pet Peeves: “My pet peeve is that when he has his toy, he is very reluctant to give it up. His pet peeve is people approaching him too quickly. He has a very good disposition, but he wants to be able to check people out first.”
Special Moment: “The first two nights we had him, I slept by his kennel both nights because he had spent the 96 hours prior to that bouncing from Czechoslovakia to Germany to South Florida to North Florida. He needed stability. We were really able to bond.”


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