K-9 Deputy Adam Bragg and Loki

Leon County Sheriff’s Department
K-9 Deputy Adam Bragg and Loki | Leon County Sheriff’s Department. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Davidson

About Loki

Age: 5 years
Partners For: 3 years
Unique Traits: “He’s very social. They sometimes don’t look like it because they are working dogs — they look intimidating — but he’s extremely sociable, which is a good feeling for me when we do demos.”
Career Highlights: “His first apprehension was a track and a bite, which was neat to see for the first time out of training. His ability to work to the point where he can’t go any further is impressive. He’s a tracking machine. I call him the Hoover vacuum cleaner.”
Pet Peeves: “My pet peeve is that sometimes he’s too much in over-drive. He will pull and pull because he’s excited to work. Calming him down can be a challenge, but he’s getting better the older he gets.”
Special Moment: “It’s not even work related. I love to see his interactions with my daughter. She’s infatuated with him. She knows all the commands. She’s probably a better handler than I am. When we come home at night, the first thing he does is make sure my wife and daughter are OK.”

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