Investigator Brianne Shaut and Raven

Tallahassee Police Department
Lawrence Davidson
Investigator Brianne Shaut and Raven|!!| Tallahassee Police Department


About Raven

Age: 8 years 
Partners For: 7 years 
Unique Traits: “She’s addicted to Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets.” 
Career Highlights: “She’s a narcotics detection dog, and millions of dollars in narcotics have been seized because of her. We’ve done so many cases; I can’t even pick one (to highlight over another). She’s awesome, and one of the best at her job.”
Pet Peeves: “She’s got such a great work ethic that it’s hard to pick a pet peeve. The only thing I can really think of is when we are at the office, she goes crazy when someone comes in quick and gets between us. She’s protective.”
Special Moment: “I’m so thankful for every single day we work together. When she’s alerted and has assisted local and federal officers, those are special times, because we work so hard and put in so much training. The bond she and I have, I will never have with another dog. She set the bar so high. I don’t plan on working another single-purpose dog after her, because they won’t compare. No matter the day I’m having, she always makes it better. I spend more time with her than anyone.”

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