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Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare always has been an extraordinary steward of the people in its care and of the community’s contributions to its operations. Its management team and staff are strategically committed to promoting wellness in addition to treating illness throughout the region. The M.T. Mustian Center stands as an example of its commitment to place, to people and to the future. All of us have seen how the pandemic has overwhelmed hospitals in hot spots and placed caregivers at risk. Today, TMH does the right thing by preparing for the worst. Let’s give them a hand.

— Brian Rowland  

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Dear Friend,

This is one of the most important letters I have ever written.

As CEO of Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH), I want to tell you about the unprecedented challenges we’re facing due to COVID-19 and how you can help.

First, I hope you and your families are staying well and encouraged. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

This pandemic is straining healthcare resources around the world. We don’t know exactly what COVID-19 will mean for TMH, but we’ve run the models, and some of them are alarming.

The worst-case scenario shows hospital ICU admissions in our region peaking at 100 patients a day in the weeks ahead. You have the power to decrease that number. Please followTMH’s COVID-19 Recommendations and stay home.

We hope the models are wrong, but our team is doing everything we can to prepare for the worst. If we were to experience such a dramatic spike in cases, TMH could not meet the healthcare needs of our region. This is why we desperately need your help.

Thanks to a generous gift from Mad Dog Construction Company, through the TMH Foundation, we have started the TMH COVID-19 Emergency Fund. We’re only beginning to see the impact of COVID-19 in our community. Your gift will help us care for patients when they need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

I know you care deeply about the people of the Big Bend and healthcare because you have generously supported TMH in the past. Many of you are supporting us now. Thank you. Your donations are a source of encouragement and inspiration for everyone at TMH. We need your support now more than ever.

Your donation will make an immediate impact by providing funding to protect the lives of patients and healthcare providers. Your gift will help meet urgent needs for:

  • Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Expanding COVID-19 testing capacity.
  • Hospital modifications to increase our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity.
  • Additional equipment, technology (including ventilators) and operating costs.
  • Ongoing operation of the Northwood Centre COVID-19 sample collection site.
  • Any COVID-19 related need.

We use massive amounts of PPE in a single day of caring for a patient who has COVID-19 or who is suspected of having it while we await test results. Each entrance into the patient’s room requires new PPE, such as gloves, a mask and a gown. Supplies can be quickly depleted.

As a nonprofit, community-based healthcare system, TMH operates on a tight budget. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our region, but we are facing substantial costs that are not in our budget. Your gift today will provide immediate assistance and relief.

Our region is counting on TMH as the leader in healthcare. We receive patients from eight counties – and beyond. We must call upon every resource and seek every avenue to prepare.

I have never been prouder of my colleagues, but TMH cannot face a crisis of this magnitude without your support. Our situation is fragile. One gathering where COVID-19 is present can trigger a chain of cases that would overwhelm our capacity to care for patients.

Please, continue to stay home, follow these recommendations and make a gift today to the TMH COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Any amount you give will help. Your donation will help save lives, and nothing is more important right now.

One day, we will be on the other side of this crisis. Life will return to a new normal, and the urgency and anxiety we feel now will pass. For now, we must band together and do everything we can to protect the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

With love and hope for each of you and our community,

Mark Obryant

Mark O’Bryant
President & CEO
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

P.S. Your gift of any amount will help fund TMH’s fight against COVID-19 and save lives. Here are a few examples of how you can make a difference:

  • $5,000 underwrites TMH’s cost to retrofit a room to provide care for one ICU COVID-19 patient
  • $1,000 will underwrite TMH’s cost to convert a hospital room into one that can provide negative air flow for a COVID-19 patient
  • $500 will underwrite the current market cost for 100 N95 masks
  • $200 will underwrite the cost of PPEs needed to care for one patient for one day
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