In the Meantime: Rachel Higgs

Your time just goes by when you are focusing on tile
Photo by Alex Workman

As the product of an unforeseen event and responses to it, countless people around the world have found new ways to occupy and entertain themselves and to make themselves productive. Around here, bird books and bedding plants have been hot sellers. Bicycles are hard to come by. Dumbbells have disappeared from the shelves of big box stores. My daughter-in-law cannot find an inflatable pool for my grandsons. And not least of all, yeast has become as hard to come by as a Schedule 1 drug. Today, I spoke with an attorney who, with her practice substantially idled, took steps to become an online notary public, thus finding a way to continue to serve others. On the following pages, meet three women who have dealt with extreme domesticity by kneading, beading and creating wholes that are much more than the sum of their parts.


“It’s kinda cool actually,” Rachel Higgs says in describing an oil-fed stained glass scorer/cutter, a tool handed down to her by her mother and one that she has recently learned to use. Rachel works for an insurance agency, but the office was closed in response to that insidious unseen thing that beneath a microscope looks like an explosive sea mine. While spending almost all of her time at her home off Blair Stone Road in Tallahassee, she discovered that she is not totally without creative sensibilities. Previously, she may have been intimidated by the artistic gifts of her parents and brother. Now, with a nudge from her multimedia mom, Carla Higgs, she is becoming a tiling fool. “Mom told me you can’t mess up stained-glass art,” Rachel said. “You just stick it.” Rachel created first a house number for a friend who owns a boutique in Perry. Then, at a crafts store she found pieces of wood, cut to resemble a mermaid and the state of Florida, and tiled them. “I have discovered all the ways not to cut a piece of glass,” she admitted before cheerfully adding, “Your time just goes by when you are focusing on tile, cutting and trying to find this one piece.”

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