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Could yoga be the perfect antidote to the everyday stressors of life? You betIn FocusFlexing Mind and Muscle

By  Ashley Kahn

With benefits for your body, mind and spirit, yoga just may be multitasking at its best.

As you practice the exercises, which are rooted in Indian Hinduism, you will learn where your limitations are and how to challenge yourself without going too far. Pay attention to your body, your breath and your mind – and don’t be alarmed if a difficult pose elicits both a physical and an emotional response.

This is where the multitasking aspect of yoga kicks in. The body and mind work in harmony to achieve physical, emotional, mental – even spiritual – results.

Stress levels can drop after just one session – a good thing, because stress is the culprit for numerous physical and emotional issues including poor sleep, depression, digestive issues and a weak immune system.

Yoga cultivates physical wellness by improving flexibility, breathing, strength, stability, posture and stamina. The practice also can reduce blood pressure and lower the heart rate.

As yoga becomes part of your routine, its benefits will begin to surface more frequently. No matter what life throws your way, you will likely feel more aware of your body and how it reacts to physical and emotional stress.

Yogic principles help practitioners face life’s challenges, both large and small, in a more relaxed fashion. Once past the misconceptions and uncertainty, you’ll discover a simple truth about yoga: It’s one form of exercise that works more than your muscles.

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