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A healthy spine is the backbone of overall wellness

In FocusThey’ve Got Your Back

By Erin Sobel

The spine may be out of sight, but for those who suffer from acute or chronic back pain, it certainly isn’t out of mind. Nearly everyone will suffer from some kind of back pain in his or her lifetime, which is why specialist doctors and other professionals have joined together to provide one-stop service at the Capital Regional Spine Center.

Here’s some advice from the new center for taking care of your back:

Minor changes in daily activities can improve the overall health of your back. Relieve lower back pain at the office by sitting with your knees slightly higher than your hips. Standing with one foot forward of the other will do the same.

According to the North American Spine Society, sleeping on your back puts 55 pounds of pressure on your back. Cut the pressure in half by elevating your knees with pillows. Are you a side sleeper? Relieve the strain by placing a pillow between your knees.

Make strenuous activities easier on your back. Carry groceries weighted evenly in both arms, as opposed to continuously overworking one side. Avoid bending forward, and keep heavy objects close to your body while carrying them to minimize strain.

Dr. Sean Fitzgerald, director of Capital Regional Spine Center, strongly urges people to “lift with your legs, not your back. It’s the simplest thing you can do to make a big difference.”

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